Coding Projects

  • Networks of Roman Eleusis (Website | Github) – First created a LAMP web application based upon my dissertation research, allowing users to visualize social and ideological relationships found in Greek inscriptions. The entire architecture has since been entirely rewritten to its current form, a MySQL, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS single-page application. Current features include team-based dynamic data entry through approved user accounts.
  • generator-ape-node & ape-stack (Github 1 | Github 2) – A major update and expansion on the same idea as the generator-djangular-gift project below. It provides a scaffolding, standards, and kick starter solution to DH projects needing to build a modern full-stack server application. The application is properly layered with a RESTful API backend, full TDD/BDD testing suites, testing coverage, and continuous integration integration for and coveralls built in The backend, is written in NodeJS, making this package entirely JavaScript, easing design and expertise demands.
  • generator-djangular-gift (Github | npm) – Originally created for a now-defunct grant project, this tool allows anyone to quickly and (relatively) easily create brand new web apps from scratch using Python’s Django for a backend and AngularJS for a front-end. After setup, package includes both an empty ‘starter’ application as well as a code generation tool to help you quickly scale and write large projects.
  • dhelp (Github | pypi) – A small Python library designed to help Digital Humanities students perform a wide range of common tasks including everything from loading/saving files, to scraping web data, to analyzing ancient Latin texts… all with as few lines of code as possible. Makes many programming tasks easier to teach to new students. A major update on an earlier package, Arakhne.
  • arakhne (Github | pypi) – This package was created exclusively to facilitate the analyzing of Classical Greek & Latin texts. This project was eventually superseded by dhelp.
  • asc-analysis (Github | Binder)- A jupyter Python notebook demonstration of Digital Humanities methodologies. In the notebook explore the data of the Anglo-Saxon Charter database (some 2500 individuals appearing in nearly 500 documents from what is today England, c.600-900 A.D.). I demonstrate how to (1) scrape data from the website (2) organize it into a local database and (3) view it as a social network and analyze it.
  • Florida Postcard Project (Website) – A project I worked on while at the University of South Florida. Frontend was designed by the Advanced Visualization Center. I was involved creating the data schema and organizing and normalizing all project data.
  • US Epigraphy Project (Website) – Worked as a graduate student to encode Greek & Latin inscriptions in XML according to the TEI’s (Text Encoding Initiative) EpiDoc standard for inscriptions.