RelicQuery 3D Model Sharing Platform Released

Not an April Fool’s post I swear!

I’ve recently launched a new project, an app called RelicQuery, designed to let registered users safely share and view 3D models live in the browser. This project was a portfolio demonstration project, and the majority of it was written in just four days. As such, the functionality is limited, but can easily be expanded. In the interests of education, I’ve shared the raw code online in case anyone wants to use it to take the project further… or for an example of a full stack Digital Scholarship app with a relatively modern architecture.

Because I’m paying for hosting, it currently accepts uploads only from pre-approved users (read: me). But this can easily be changed.

It’s a Node/Express/Sequelize/MySQL backend and an Angular frontend. Both server and client are containerized with Docker. 3D models are stored on an AWS S3 bucket. 3D rendering is powered by Three.js.

Server GitHub Repository
Client GitHub Repository

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